Download Tiny Tower MOD (Unlimited Bux, Vip Enabled) 5.6.0 free on Android

In Tiny Tower, you'll own your own virtual skyscraper, building out its floors and arranging them to maximize their use. Each floor offers different activities, from apartments and offices to shops and restaurants. Construction, money, tenants and merchants who have decided to grab a piece of your expensive living space as cheaply as possible. You have to negotiate! Otherwise, other tenants will be left with their noses in a house that hasn't been built yet.

Jobs, Income and Tricks

Hang the block rooms with a crane and stack them on top of each other, but don't forget about the tenants' wishes. Not everyone will want to live under a fertilizer store or be neighbors with a dirty, smelly guy who raises pigs in his apartment. And the most important thing to remember is to talk to everyone. Otherwise, the construction will end halfway, and you will be left with an unpaid loan and have to start playing again!

Conflicts between residents are difficult to resolve, but not impossible. It is important that the conflicting residents have one (or better - several) suitable neighbors nearby. Then the general mood will improve, the rent money will flow, and it will be possible to think about a new, bigger building.

Game Features:

  • Weather effects on construction;
  • changeable mood of tenants;
  • 75 levels;
  • dynamic music accompaniment;
  • floods, fires and earthquakes are made as harmless curiosities.
Mod Info:
  • Unlimited Bux
  • Vip enabled
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