Download Standoff 2 [Latest version 0.29.1] on Android

Standoff 2 is the most popular mobile online shooter for Android phones. Reminiscent of the popular Counter Strike. Also terrorists play against special forces. Some plant a bomb, while others demine and destroy the criminals. There are other scenarios, for example, with holding the base or taking hostages. At the beginning of the game you can buy weapons and choose equipment like in CS. In Standoff 2 you can't get an advantage in the game for money. All purchases are cosmetic and change only the appearance of the weapon. Skins fall out of crates. They are sometimes given after a battle.

There are 10 modes in the game, of which 8 are open at once:

  1. "Planting the Bomb". Special Forces must shoot all the criminals and disarm the bomb. Terrorists need to blow up the facility or destroy the SWAT team without letting them disarm the bomb with the pliers.
  2. "Team Combat". You need to kill as many opponents as possible in the allotted time. Each frag earns your team a point.
  3. "Point Control." You have to hold points and shoot off enemies.
  4. Duel. A one-on-one battle. The winner is the one who gets the most points. These points are awarded for each enemy kill.
  5. Escalation. The bomb has already been planted. All that's left to do is protect it as a terrorist or defuse it with pliers for a special skill.
  6. "Arms Race". For each kill, the player pumps weapons. The team that reaches the last weapon first wins. The leader of one of the teams is highlighted in red or blue. You get more points for killing him. He is the most visible on the map.
  7. Speedhack. The player moves very fast. You can choose shotgun or sniper rifle. The goal: to shoot all the enemies. Important: to start Standoff 2, you need to log in to the game through one of the following accounts: VK, Google, Facebook.


  • Online shooter in the style of Counter Strike.
  • There are several modes.
  • You can play with friends.
  • Requires almost 2 GB of free memory on your phone.
  • Need to register.
  • In Russian.
  • Runs only with mobile internet or Wi-Fi.
  • First-person view.

FUN & SUN: What's new?

  • Beach Party Summer Mode with Ocean Breeze temporary map
  • Battle Pass changes and new items in FUN&SUN collection
  • New improved voice chat
  • Destructible Walls in the new mode
  • Cases with knives from BP to be sold on the marketplace
  • New item for crafting: Fragments
  • Gold Pass for 950G
  • Fragments and new crafts
  • Tournament Mode
  • Complete change of customisation in the game
  • New map for duels: Pool
  • System for fighting AFK players
  • HUD redesign
  • Level progress update
  • Optimisation improvements, bug fixes and much more!
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