Action Games for Android phone and tablet

Action games require high speed, reaction and focus from gamers. This genre mainly has maps or open world, where events happen quickly and dynamically. Many games have a story, the passage of which is no less interesting than just exploring the open world. In games of this genre, most often playing as a character the player will have to:

  • Find an exit from the level;
  • Collect certain items, after which the exit will open;
  • Reach the final point of the level, avoiding obstacles and traps;
  • Defeat enemies (bosses).

Download action games can both lovers of running and shooting, and sniper simulators. Action games will be suitable for lovers of platforming, shooters, and fighting games.

Popular action games transferred from PC to mobile devices

Action games not only come from scratch, but also transferred from a PC to smartphones:

  • Grand Theft Auto Series. Action, open world, missions and more awaits fans of the GTA series now and on android.
  • Max Payne. Good old Max, returns to Androyd. Action, shooting, all this is already waiting for you in the smartphone.
  • HELLO NEIGHBOR. Harmful and strange neighbor can now be downloaded and on mobile devices. Break into a stranger’s house and learn all the secrets without catching the master.

Popular and exciting action games on Androynd can be downloaded on the site by going to the «action» section or by entering the name of the game in the search.