Download Robbery Bob 2 MOD (Unlimited Coins) 1.12.5 free on Android

Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror MOD (Premium, Mega Menu) is a survival game with horror elements. After a series of murders there are a handful of survivors. They have a chance to escape if they find a way out and a way in. But the maniac has good hearing, and any confusion can cut the game short with death.

It's not just the maniac stalking the fugitives that adds to the horror. The environmental elements will drive anyone crazy and make escape difficult. It takes great skill to escape from a mentally ill person. During the escape, you need to find generators scattered around the area and help other fugitives. A friend in trouble will be caged until someone comes to the rescue.


  • Diverse plot;
  • Variety of characters in the survivor team;
  • Ability to choose the game mode - for fugitives or maniacs;
  • Exciting atmosphere and game play;
  • Many possibilities in characterization of characters.
Please note. You can play as a team of survivors or as a maniac chasing them.
MOD Info:
  • The amount of money increases when you spend it.
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