Download Cover Fire MOD (Damage, God Mode, Money, VIP) 1.29.01 free on Android

Cover Fire is a first/third-person shooter in which the player will be able to take control of a special forces squad and send it into battle against terrorists. The plot tells the story of the fight against the Tetracorp corporation, it has captured almost all the markets of the planet by illegal means. And now it is possible to stop its spread only by force of arms.

The player must control a group of fighters. The position characters take independently, the main task of the gamer - at each stage to shoot all opponents. They are coming in waves, so the player must competently use the available types of weapons: sniper rifles, automatic rifles. The opponents will be shooting back, so the gameplay is set like a good shooting gallery - you need to dodge fire and find a pause to shoot your opponents.

Important! The control is made for two fingers. One is on the firing button, the second you need to control the optics and pointing. After killing all the enemies, the hero will change the location.

In the game there are several classes of heroes with their own skills, they are opened as you pass the tasks. In total, the game has more than 60 missions of the story campaign, in which the player will save the world from a sinister megacorporation. Another feature of the game - modern graphics, the last, most spectacular shot is always shown at the end of the task in slo-mo. And this makes Cover Fire one of the best action games on mobile platforms.

MOD 1 Info:
  • One Hit Kill;
  • Less Recoil;
  • Unlimited Ammo;
  • Unlimited All Currencies;
  • MAX VIP Enabled;
  • Premium Purchased;
  • God Mode.
MOD 2 Info:
  • Unlimited money.
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