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Wastelands gradually overgrown with trees and grass, dried-up hollows and streambeds where water has begun to return, and people finally making their way to the surface - all of this is Terra Nil (No Netflix), a post-apocalyptic-strategy in which the player will need to revive life on Earth.

Dig, mine, build!

Not without resources! We'll need to not only mine wood, iron and other natural materials, but also regenerate them by terraforming the terrain. We will also need clean water. And most of the springs are polluted or dried up. And only then will the great construction begin, marking the moment of resurrection of human civilization.

It is unlikely that we can do with just one city. Settlements should be built near each other, connected by roads and other means of communication, resources should be distributed, trade should be organized, people of different professions should be exchanged. And so on and so forth. To conquer the Earth anew and settle on it as it was before the nuclear war.

Springs can be filled with water not only by drilling wells, but also by cleaning polluted rivers and lakes. However, special filters will be needed for this. Materials can be created by yourself, or they can be collected from the ruins of old factories and buildings.

Game Features:

  • interesting gameplay;
  • beautiful and modern graphics;
  • diverse tree of building technologies;
  • high replayability.
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