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Space Rescue: Code Pink (18+) is an erotic-humorous novel about the everyday life of a slacker worker on a distant space station populated only by girls. Jokes, curiosities, pranks, romance, love and sex - a cocktail, the splash of which will cover the main character. Your main task is to attract the attention of the girls to enjoy intimate catcalls.

Humiliate and submit or demand and take!

Want to be known as a fat loser so you can hope for intimacy out of pity? Then grovel and crawl to a horde of hot, hot chicks and maybe you'll get intimacy. Or be assertive, attack - be the instigator of a sex revolution on the ship of innocence! Have the courage to be the master of the situation and make every busty hottie bare her privates - let them know who's the daddy.

The choice of lines affects the development of the story. For example, by agreeing to clean the room of one of your colleagues, you can win her favor. However, the other will put the hero among the losers - will mock him in every possible way and hardly let him near her body. Thus, a seemingly simple choice can change the further narrative and seriously spoil or improve the relationship between the girls and GG.

What's in store for me:

  • 12 sexy participants in your sex marathon (who have nowhere to go);
  • Over fifty tricks (that will help you liberate the object of your desire in one way or another);
  • thousands of lines of fantasy-inducing dialogue, delightful drawings, and, of course, 18+ items.
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