Download PickUp MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.1.2 free on Android

PickUp - A grandfather's wreck, a dilapidated barn, rusty tools, sweat, dirt and the smell of gasoline - all this is PickUp, a game that can create a hard-working auto mechanic out of a gamer. And then take him for a test drive through the vast expanse of a 3D summer world.

"Do they still pay money here?"

After fixing up your pickup and making sure it's capable of traveling thousands of miles, you can take delivery orders. And go on long trips to deliver the goods. People are willing to pay handsomely for a successful delivery. And that's all we need, because we want to technologically upgrade the barn, buy new tools, install electricity and a hoist, as well as win an auction and become the owner of rare parts that will turn the wreck into a solid race car.

The car has a safety margin. Be careful, going far out of town: check the gasoline reserve, oil level, wear of rubber. It's also a good idea to take a spare or even a set of winter tires - if there is snow where you are going (and don't forget about the jack and a bag with keys).

Why the game is so cool:

  • you can "kolkhoz" - combine old parts with new ones, as well as assemble your own;
  • you can actually repair your car right on the track (feel like a batey!);
  • there are 100 (!) types of modifications (from the choice of body paint to the installation of a turbocharger and spinning disks).
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