Download Toilet Monster Hide N Seek Sim 1.0.2 free on Android

Toilet Monster Hide N Seek Sim is a fun game where you will play spinning with toilet monsters, your task is to survive, you have only one chance! And here is how you do it, is not really important. On the hero now and then will be attacked by various monsters. Will he be able to not only save himself from them, but also destroy them?

Survive and destroy various monsters

The game area is presented in the form of a megalopolis divided into locations. Traveling through it, the hero must try to survive. His life is threatened by the monsters that inhabit the city and its surroundings. Players will be familiar with them from memes and other games. In addition to the standard action with shooting, it is proposed to pass mini-games in other genres. For example, puzzles. Each of the mini-games has a specific goal. For example, to emerge victorious from a fist fight, or to get to a certain place without being seen by the enemy.

The game is a kind of collection of mini-games united by one theme - toilet monsters.

Features of the game:

  • Toilet monsters and other enemies live not only in the city, but also in its neighborhood.
  • The conditions in which you will have to fight threaten your life.
  • Built-in mini-games in different genres: action, puzzles and others.
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