Download Ice Scream 2 MOD (Unlocked Hints, No ADS) 1.2.2 free on Android

A crazy ice cream man, a night in a quiet park, kidnapped friends, no help in sight, dozens of riddles and puzzles - all this is Ice Scream 2 - a game about childhood fears that haunt us even as adults; a game about unity, about love for friends who are in trouble and only we can get them out.

It will be useful: If the maniac is nowhere to be seen, you should listen - the noise of footsteps or heavy breathing will let you know how far away from us this disgusting killer is.

On why you shouldn't buy ice cream from a stranger...

You actually can, but not at night and not in a quiet, far-from-the-city park. It just so happens that maniacs choose the most inconspicuous places to rest. And they don't like to be disturbed for no reason. Selling ice cream? Pfft, no big deal. But we'd have to give our lives for a cold, sweet lump. Having escaped, we must return to rescue our friends who have fallen into the clutches of a crazed predator in human form. Not to leave them to be eaten!

Therefore, we will have to:

  • look around a lot;
  • quietly follow the criminal (and he will definitely show us where he hides his friends);
  • solve puzzles (find keys, open locks);
  • quickly-quickly free your friends (while the ice cream man is walking around somewhere nearby).
  • And also confuse our footprints, so that the maniac does not grab us at the very moment when we fly away from his box.
MOD Info:
  • Bought to disable ads;
  • Tooltips are open (in the original, available to watch commercials);
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the option to enable immortality.
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