Download World War Polygon MOD (Unlimited Ammo) 2.32 free on Android

World War Polygon is a polygonal shooter about the events of World War II, where the player will become a soldier and under a hail of bullets will defend the frontiers, as well as advance by attacking hordes of enemies on water, land and in the air. Engage in battle against the fascist regime using a variety of weapons and tactics. Go on missions around the world, fight on the battlefields and liberate occupied territories. Download the game on Android and change the course of history!

Alone or all together?

The game is divided into campaign and multiplayer. In the campaign we will start playing as a private who knows nothing about weapons, knows nothing about tactics and has no idea how to survive in the woods, swamps or snow. In the course of the story we will have to drag our character through 9 circles of hell, by the end making him, no more or less, a brave fighter of his country. And this is not easy!

In online battles we will fight in the "team on team" mode. Choose any role (sniper, medic, stormtrooper, engineer), one of the two sides of the conflict (Germany or the combined forces of the Allies), and win map after map on foot, on a tank or at the wheel of an airplane. Winning will earn you experience points, which go into rank. Rank is a measure of skill for both allies and opponents.

Wounded fighters can still fire for some time. If you see such an ally, call for a medic as soon as possible. If you see an enemy, don't get close!

Game Features:

  • unusual "lo-poly" graphics;
  • intriguing plot;
  • epic network battles.
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