Download Monster Toys Garden: Chapter 1 (Full Version) 1.1.0 free on Android

Monster Toys Garden: 1 (Full Version) - is a killer shooter with beautiful and modern graphics and unparalleled special effects. And we will fight against the masses of hundreds and hundreds of monsters from our childhood nightmares that have become reality and threaten us directly.

Tip: Don't waste time shooting monsters' limbs - aim for their heads. This will do the most damage to them and can also immobilize some reptiles for a few seconds. And while you're at it, you can either shoot up or kill your nearest opponents.

"Where's my gun, kids? I'm going for revenge!"

Fierce toothed creatures have broken out and are already eating our neighbors, friends and acquaintances. Only we can defeat these insatiable, bloodthirsty monsters. Grab your rifles, shotguns, and grenades - and head to the front lines: a quiet town surrounded by rugged forests and vast lakes, guarded by powerful creatures from the underworld.

It will be our battlefield, where giant and toothy bogeymen have already arrived. Each of them has its own health limit: this is indicated by the strip above their heads, which shortens when they take damage. And the more powerful the weapon, the faster they look. But to get a multibarrel flare, for example, you have to earn a lot of points.

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  • full version.
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