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Download Xeno Command MOD APK 2024 Unlocked latest full version for Android.

Xeno Command (Mod Unlocked) is a RTS, sci-fi strategy game in which evil aliens attack (unfortunately for them) technologically savvy Earthlings. The aliens thought Homo sapiens were still beating them with rocks and sticks, but humanity has long since learned how to sizzle meteorites with lasers. Try to take us on!

Mine, build, hire and fight!

10 resource types, 20 militaristic training centers, 30 deadly fighters, 50 sizzling weapons, over 100 alien species and an infinite number of levels are the contents of this new "roguelike" packaged in drawn 2D graphics. Add to that a rich level-up system, as well as bosses per level, and you've got the ultimate RPG action movie about the most important battle in Earth's history.

By combining the right types of fighters, arming them correctly, and pumping only the skills they need, you can create an immortal tactical squad that resembles a living organism - healers will heal the wounded in time, engineers will provide defense, snipers will cover the retreat, and stormtroopers and bombers will turn the battlefield into minced meat.

Cool what else is out there:

  • 12 driving tracks;
  • Quests and missions;
  • Ammo upgrades and PSI abilities
Mod Info
  • Damage multiplier
  • God mode
  • Unlocked full game
  • Game Speed
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