Top 10 best free games on Android

The rapid development of mobile gaming has led to many games being 'donated'. This means that you have to make a purchase at some point in the game, otherwise it becomes impossible or uninteresting to play. To play exciting games on your Android device, you do not need to buy them, as there is plenty of free mobile entertainment available. You can download them from the Play Market service. Here are 10 of the most popular mobile games.

1) World of Tanks Blitz

The cult computer game is now available for mobile devices. Now you can have a great time fighting with your opponents on a tank, even without a PC. Dynamic battles can be fought on tanks from the USSR, Germany, China, the USA and other countries. The developer regularly holds tournaments and offers a wide range of maps for battles. All this has led to the huge popularity of this game application.

2) Alto's Odyssey

Although there is an inbuilt purchase system in this game, you can still have a good time without them. The gameplay here is simple and intuitive for everyone, and the graphics will amaze you at first sight. For fans there is an opportunity to make screenshots right in the process of the game. They can then be used as wallpaper for your mobile device. For those who find these adventures not enough, there is another version of the game - Alto's Adventure.

3) Asphalt 9: Legends

You don't have to have a car to quench your thirst for speed, you can simply download a free racing game. You can choose a car from among the exclusive ones, there are also rare supercars. Drive on the roads of different countries, so the race will never get bored. In the game there is an opportunity to pump with the help of purchases, but without them you can have a great time, racing cars at high speeds.

4) Brawl Stars

The peculiarity of this game is that here the battles are conducted 3 on 3. Having chosen the battle mode, you will have to defeat your opponent with the help of your skills. And the game modes, as well as scenarios, are updated regularly, so that you can avoid repetition. If the player wants to speed up his progress, he will have to use the inbuilt purchases, although it is very interesting to play without them.

5) Call of Duty: Mobile

After this global franchise rapidly became popular on gaming consoles and PC, the developers simply couldn't help but release its variation for mobile devices. In the latest instalment of the game, there are multiple war scenarios in which you will have to bravely fight in incredibly realistic battles.

6) Critical Ops

This is not just a game, but a whole mobile incarnation of Counter-Strike. This shooter will appeal to fans of shootouts. But it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to go in a frontal attack, as it is much more profitable to develop a tactical solution and stick to it. Organising strategic operations, you will need to defeat the enemy. In order for players not to get bored, the developers have provided the possibility of changing the game mode, as well as its scenario. Therefore, multiplayer battles are diverse and exciting.

7) Genshin Impact

If you are tired of grey everyday life and want to plunge into the world of fantasy, then this game is for you. You can, without getting up from the couch, visit 7 kingdoms, meet interesting characters, both good and evil. An interesting feature of this game is that everyone who plays it from different gaming devices can unite here: PlayStation 4, PC, iOS gadgets, as well as Android smartphones.

8) Pocket City

This game will appeal to those who were previously fond of SimCity. Here, too, you need to create cities and develop them as far as possible. Despite the fact that the free version of the game has a slightly limited functionality, this will not prevent you from having a good time managing your virtual city.

9) Pokemon Go

Despite the fact that this game is no longer at the top of popularity, but it is still worth mentioning, as those who have not played it yet, it will be very much enjoyed. The main task of the player is to move in space with the help of his smartphone and catch Pokémon. This game will make you move, so it is also useful for those who need physical activity.

10) Smash Hit

This game application will appeal to fans of surrealism. You can call this game meditative, as it plunges the player into a special atmosphere, which is complemented by the original musical accompaniment. The free version of the application gives the opportunity to use 50 rooms with different styles. Especially worth noting is the realistic mechanics of the game. In the paid version, saves will become available, as well as player statistics.